Service Mapping Blueprint

Your task

Individually, you are required to prepare a 4-page analysis of the brands provided below.

Assessment Description

The purpose of this assessment is to develop students’ ability to discern the differences between products and services marketing using customer experience as a parameter. By giving due consideration to the possible customer experience, students’ design and implementation of various services marketing processes can be improved. This assessment will enable students to apply the learned marketing theories and concepts to a ‘real world’ business case within a safe learning environment.

Assessment Instructions

Your two organisations to compare in this assessment are

  1. Crown Casino
  2. Lush Handmade Cosmetics

Individually, you are required to prepare:

  1. A service offering diagram that clearly compares and distinguishes between the core, supplementary and augmented layers of services of both the organisations above.
  2. A one-page explanation of the above comparison that adds significant value to the services offering diagram and integrates relevant theoretical concepts and research.
  3. A service process map/ blueprint of ONLY Crown Casino, which reflects all steps of the customer’s journey and relevant front stage and backstage processes, timelines, fail points,
  4. A one-page supportive explanation on the service process map/ blueprint that adds further value to the map/ blueprint by incorporating relevant services marketing concepts and

Your document MUST follow a professional structure and contain:

  • A cover page that contains your details, assessment details,
  • A table of contents
  • The service offering diagram (one page)
  • The write-up on the service offering diagram (one page)
  • The service process map/ blueprint (one page)
  • The write-up on the service process map/ blueprint (one page)
  • A reference list

You must incorporate theories and concepts related to services marketing discussed in the topics from weeks 1 to 4. In preparing your submission, you will need to use at least 5 sources of information that are referenced in accordance with the latest Kaplan Harvard Referencing Guide. These may include corporate websites, government publications, industry reports, census data, journal articles, and newspaper articles.

Service Mapping Blueprint

Service Offering Diagram

Organizations have different product and service categories, including core, supplementary and augmented layers of products and services. This service offering diagram compares the core, supplementary, and augmented services offered by two enterprises to provide an in-depth understanding of the different layers of services they offer. However, the following discussion will be based on two enterprises, Crown Casino and Lush Handmade Cosmetics.

Crown Casino Lush Handmade Cosmetics
Core Services
  •  Gaming
  • Entertainment
  • Provision of beauty products
  •  Skincare services
Supplementary Services
  • Shopping
  • Events and conferences
  • Hotels and spa
  • Sports betting and online racing services
  • Casino premium gaming
  • Premium and Casual Restaurant
  • Online payment methods within the stores
  • Luxury brand status
  • High-quality beauty and body products
  • Vegetarian ingredients


Augmented Services
  • Atmosphere
  • Accessibility
  • Socializing opportunities for hotel guests in the bars and nightclubs
  • Prompt housekeeping
  • Stunning meeting rooms and a typical outdoor avenue
  • Surprise gifts
  • Addition of an extra cosmetic
  • Free samples
  •  Provision of coupon for next purchase
  • Eco-friendly services
  • Accessibility


The Write-up on Service Offering Diagram

 The service diagram presented above has provided insight into the different service layers the two enterprises offer for quick understanding and comparison. Services have different characteristics: perishability, intangibility, heterogeneity, and ownership ((Rao, 2021, char, 2). However, the following discussion presents an in-depth explanation of the diagram.

 According to the service diagram illustrated above, the two companies operate in different industries to offer different layers of services. This states that the marketing strategy used by a single organization is quite different concerning service provision (Hoffman and Bateson, 2016, 4). Crown Casino offers gaming and entertainment as its core services, while Lush Handmade Cosmetics offers beauty and body services. This describes that the service value of the two firms can be distinguished from their core services without intense research into what they offer. The current generation focuses on uniqueness as their center of identity, encompassed by rich cultural explorations and experiences (Fromm, 2021, par 1). On the other hand, the value of Lush Cosmetics services can be perceived from the name itself and the ingredients it uses in the production process.

 Supplementary and augmented services are the second and third phases of services offered by an organization. According to Walters, Sparks, and Herington (2021, 377), the consumption vision of consumers can be stimulated by the advertising material and the supplementary and augmented services provided by the company. The comparison in the service diagram shows that Crown is backed up with more supplementary and augmented services than Lush Cosmetics. Crown offers a wide range of supportive services compared to Lush Cosmetics, which is limited by its core product.

 The Service Process Map/Blue Print of Crown Casino

 A map or a blueprint is a guide, pattern, or design that can be followed to make something. A service blueprint is a presentation diagram that is indicating the relationship between various processes and components that are tied to a particular customer journey (Gibbons, 2017). This diagram will provide a consumer journey in their service interaction.


The Write-up on Service Process Blueprint

 The service process blueprint has four parts that contribute to the whole process. First, the physical evidence that demonstrates nonliving origin. The website, social media ad, service description, and credit cards have represented the above diagram. On the other hand, customer action indicated all the initiatives customers took in service delivery. A study conducted by Hyder (2018, 34) states that marketers face a complex marketing environment, including intoxicated diversity of customers, thus the need for integrated marketing. This shows that consumer actions are essential to marketers in evaluating service delivery within the company. The frontstage process, the visible stage, involves face-to-face communication between employees and customers. It describes how consumers’ intentions and processes on their actions and how they are being responded to by employees from their end.

 According to Ots and Nyilasy (2015, 135), consumer interaction with the firm is essential for attaining effective integrated marketing communications on failures of integrated marketing communications. It tends to eliminate miscommunication and loss of trust. Thus, the frontstage process has significant within the company. On the other hand, the backstage process entails invisible actions of employees that consumers may not see. Employee engagement is crucial to organizational success (Coleman III, 2021). The backstage process acts as a motivational factor to employees since their ideas and opinions are highly valued as they attend to customers. Crown can effectively address customers through competent employees working at the back end. However, Support processes illustrate tangible actions that can influence customers’ perception of a product—this helps the crown maintain consistency in the execution of the operating processes for effective customer service.


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