What is the role of the Social Worker within the social justice framework? 

Social workers are trained professionals who work with vulnerable individuals, groups, and communities to help them lead better lives. In most cases, social workers work with victims of social injustices, discrimination, and poverty.

social workers

Within the social justice framework, social workers play various crucial roles. These include empowerment, advocacy, creating awareness and education, policy analysis and development, and providing direct services.


Social workers empower people to know their capabilities, skills, strengths, and rights within the social justice framework. They strive to empower individuals and communities so they can overcome challenges and emotional traumas resulting from their experiences. Empowerment also helps people to participate in making decisions and achieving social change.

Advocacy Role

Social workers advocate for the needs and rights of people facing politically, economically, or socially instigated discrimination. They address related issues and stand up for fair allocation of resources such as quality education, sanitation, shelter, and medical care. As advocates, social workers help individuals and groups express their views and stand up for their rights.

Educating and Creating Awareness

Within the framework of social justice, social workers educate people about their susceptibilities, available resources, social issues, and rights, among other issues. They also create awareness about discrimination, inequality, and social prejudices. Social workers also encourage people to exchange ideas to create mutual understanding and empathy among individuals and groups.

Policy Analysis and Development

Social workers examine existing policies to weigh their appropriateness. They also promote the development of new policies that foster social justice, impartiality, and equal allocation of resources. They use their proficiency to push for policies that address systematic inequities and promote regional, local, and national changes.

Providing Direct Services

Social workers often offer direct practices to people affected by problems like discrimination, poverty, and other social misfortunes. They offer support, counseling, and other interventions to help the affected people live a better life.

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