After reading your textbook and listening to the podcast Links to an external site. on whether psychology is a science, please answer the following questions:

  1. How have your lived experiences- such as where you grew up and with whom and your cultural values shaped your views of psychology? Please provide specific personal examples and elaborate on how these experiences have influenced your understanding of psychology.
  2. Post an image, giph, or meme that comes to mind when you hear the word “psychology.”Explain the significance of the chosen image and how it relates to your understanding of psychology.Make sure to embedLinks to an external site. the image/giph/meme (not attach or else you will not receive credit for this assignment)
  3. What makes psychology a science? Provide at least two specific examples from the podcast to form your argument and critically analyze how they support psychology’s status as a scientific discipline. If you do not provide examples from the podcast you will not receive credit.
  4. Now, Please visit this APA websiteLinks to an external site. and explore the various subfields in psychology. Pick one subfield that was particularly interesting to you. Summarize the types of careers in this subfield and why you were drawn to this subfield. Remember to use your own words (don’t directly copy and paste as this is plagiarism).
  5. What question(s) do you have after to the podcast that you hope to explore in this course? Be sure to include references to specific parts of the podcast in your response. Please note: “I don’t have any questions”, or any variation of this statement, is not an acceptable response and you will not receive credit.


    1. Thinking back to where I grew up, the way I grew up, and who has shaped my views of psychology by making me realize that I am brought up in a family that is tough, we never give up even if something is hard. For example just because I don’t want to run because I know it’s going to be hard doesn’t stop me from pushing myself to go do that run and prove to the other side of doubt that i can do it if I just tried and pushed myself. As this also leads down to things not being as hard anymore and me thinking of them as easy because I have done harder things in my past which helps me look at it in the way that it will be easy. In other words, my mindset has changed because of the past experiences I’ve had.

    2.That's Psych!: Welcome to That's Psych!

    1. After listening to the podcast I do believe that psychology is a science because it could be used as a way to come down to a conclusion about what may be wrong with the patient. Whether it’s depression, ADHD, etc. One of the reasons from the podcast that proved this for me was that even if you put someone’s head in a CAT scan you still won’t know how they are feeling or if they are depressed. You have to ask so just like depression is treated as part of science so may psychology. And another reason that proved it to me from the podcast is the way it is explained that there have been multiple other tests but it still won’t give those people clear answers rather than what the psychologist gets after going through their attitude of skepticism and making a judgment off that.
    2. The subfield I chose was Understanding Climate and Environmental Psychology. The main types of careers in this subfield are studying the fact of what and how will motivate people to change their behavior in certain times and places. As the goal is to let people live a more continuous life. I was drawn to this subfield because I have noticed that certain places will put me in a bad mood, and most of the time it’s because of past experiences I have had there making it where I don’t want to be there again but I have to so it changes my mood.
    3. A question I had from the podcast “Psychology in 10 Minutes” stated that opposites don’t attract. But after seeing and hearing about certain situations where the people are opposite and do get along, also the way he stated that every time this is brought up someone mentions that they and their partner are opposites but they get along. So why can’t opposites attract?

Requirements: 4 small paragraphs