PowerPoint Presentation SOLVED

For this assignment, you will complete the PowerPoint presentation you started in Week 5.

As discussed in Week 5, the PowerPoint will inform how social media can help an organization improve in areas such as sales, performance, culture, or positive image. Your audience is the same manager; someone who is familiar with social media but wants to learn more about how they can use it to help their 

Develop a PowerPoint presentation of 12–18 slides. All slides count toward the required length. Start with your slide deck from the Week 5 assignment. Incorporate feedback you received from the professor and expand the presentation for this assignment.

Step 1: Revise your slide deck from the Week 5 presentation, taking your professor’s feedback into account.

  • Revise the title slide.
  • Revise the agenda slide.
  • Revise the introduction slide.

Step 2: Develop 9–15 body slides for your presentation that inform a manager how social media can be used to help an organization reach its goals. These should include:

    • Overview of issue or opportunity.
    • Discussion of how a company can use the social media platform you picked to solve a problem or help a company reach its goals.
    • Body content slides.
    • Conclusion slide.
      • Create a single slide for the conclusion that contains a one-sentence wrap-up statement reinforcing the key takeaway.
    • A sources slide.
      • Provide the required number of two sources; all sources are peer-reviewed, academic sources that are added to a sources slide after your closing slide using the Strayer Writing Standards.


    • As you develop your presentation, refer to the general design requirements found in Chapter 12 of your BCOM text.
    • Focus your work on clarity, writing mechanics, professional language, and appropriate style.
  • Step 3: Remember to run a spelling and grammar check before submitting your assignment. Check with your professor if you have any additional questions.Step 4: Review your work with the rubric/scoring guide before submitting your assignment to check that your work meets all the grading requirements.

    Step 5: Submit your assignment in PPT or PPTX format. Other submission formats will be returned ungraded. Incorrectly formatted file submissions may be corrected and resubmitted for late credit.

Note: Format your work according to Strayer Writing Standards. The library is your home for SWS assistance, including citations and formatting. Please refer to the Library site for all support. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.

  • Slides should cite any relevant outside sources in SWS format requiring in-text citations on slides and a sources slide at the end of the presentation.


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