What was life like for Native Americans and what did they have to endure?

Before Europeans arrived, Native American societies were skilled, multicultural, and highly developed. They had already developed advanced societies and how to use their environment to cultivate plants used for food, dyes, medicine and textiles. They practiced farming domesticated animals and irrigation systems.

Europeans took advantage of the Natives because they were fascinated by the new world. Colonists countries viewed themselves as more racially or religiously superior. As Europeans traveled the new world, they would have more access to gain control of North America. They were not focused on accepting indiginous people, they wanted to establish territory claim to benefit their need to travel to different parts of the world for trade and establish religious dominance. 

The North American new worlds ecosystem ultimately resulted in a boom of slave labor and racial inequality. The Columbian exchange brought many deaths for the Natives from diseases like smallpox and bacteria as well as new world plants. Columbus thought the Native Americans of the new world would be ideal for slave labor, but once the Europeans came to the Atlantic, the labor effort turned to Africa and Columbus started the African slave labor trade.

The Natives experienced violence from the Europeans because of their need to steal land. Their goal was to grow crops and gain riches while enslaving the Natives or killing them in the process. This also being the time the American Revolution took place. This affected not only slaves, but Native Americans as well. Many Native Americans and tribes sided with British and hoped for victory to restrain the settlers from stealing territory. The Americans victory and their support for the british created the brutal expansion of western territories.

The Native women did their part on the sidelines by boycotting British goods because of the excessive taxes. They took up spinning wheel to produce homespun clothes to not purchase goods from the British. While husbands were fighting in the war, the women took over the business and tend to the farms. This leans towards the Seneca Falls Convention, where women fought for their rights and equality. I believe that Native Americans have fought long and hard for their rights, and were mistreated tragically. Coming from a Native background myself, I would say that the best thing we can do as one race is to never let power or privilege get in the way for our future generations.