GEOG 1301- Physical Geography – OLC format-

Geography On-line Course – Engelke

Major Assignments – Engelke

Note: Due on Mondays by Midnight on the due dates; *unless otherwise specified

500 points total (5 @ 100 each) —50% of final grade—


Read the textbook and answer the questions related to the chapter readings. The questions are derived from textbook chapters. The specific chapters and questions to answer are listed on the next page.

 Please compose/save your answers in Word or pdf format. Create one document/file for each assignment and save in your files for future reference. 12-point maximum font size and double spaced…       SUBMIT TO TURNITIN ON BLACKBOARD only.

  • The assignments are due by midnight of the posted due date. Please inform me of any issue in regard to problems/concerns in regards to the timely submission of your work to me by the deadline prior to the deadline…not after the deadline.
  • There will be 10 questions for each major assignment. These Review Questions will be derived from 3 or more chapters at a time.  Please read your textbook for the information to compose detailed and analytical answers. At times you are encouraged to utilize your personal knowledge/experience to a certain degree.
  • Answer each question in full and with thought and critical thinking/analysis utilized.
  • Each answer should encompass about a page of information. So, you should have a 10-page document to submit to the Turnitin folder when complete. Note: in some circumstances there may appear to be a question that may not have a one-page answer.     At this point you will need to elaborate on what you have read and think “outside the box” to compose as much as possible to answer the question to the best of your ability.
  • The chapters, due dates and questions for the 5 major assignments are listed on the following page.
  • Please submit your answers to: Blackboard Turnitin prior to or on the due date by midnight of the day it is due. PLEASE SUBMIT ASSIGNMENTS ON TIME….

 Major Assignments —Physical Geography GEOG 1301 — Engelke—-

NOTE: You do not need to include the questions on your assignment document. The chapter and question number, along with the one-page analytical answer for each question is all that is required for your assignment document.

Assignment # 1 (ch’s 1 – 4)     DUE DATE: Monday; September 18th       

Chapter 1                                 1. Discuss the Earth’s 4 spheres.

  1. Discuss the details of the Earth’s grid system.
  2. Explain the global time zones.

      Chapter 2                                 4. Discuss Earth – Sun relations.

  1. Discuss the specifics of Solar Energy.

Chapter 3                                 6. Describe the profile of the atmosphere.

  1. Describe the pollutants in the atmosphere.

Chapter 4                                 8. Explain 4 types of heat transfer.

  1. Discuss the principal temperature controls.
  2. Describe Earth’s temperature patterns.

Assignment # 2 (ch’s 5 – 8)     DUE DATE: Monday; October 9th       

Chapter 5                                 1. Describe the driving forces in the atmosphere.

  1. Discuss El Nino and La Nina oscillations.

Chapter 6                                 3. Explain the phase changes of water.

  1. Discuss the various types of precipitation.
  2. Explain humidity.

Chapter 7                                 6. Describe air-masses of North America.

  1. Explain the atmospheric lifting mechanisms.
  2. Discuss tornadoes and tropical cyclones.

Chapter 8                                 9. Discuss the details of the water on Earth.

  1. Explain the issues with the Colorado River.

GEOG 1301 – Engelke

Assignment # 3 (ch’s 9 -12)    DUE DATE: Monday; October 23rd   

Chapter 9                                 1. Discuss the classification of Earth’s climates.

  1. Explain the characteristics of dry climates.

Chapter 10                               3. Discuss the effects of the rising CO2 levels.

  1. Discuss climate change and the future.
  2. Discuss mechanisms of natural climate fluctuations                                 

Chapter 11                               6. Describe the Earth’s interior.

  1. Describe the 3 main groups of rock.
  2. Discuss plate tectonics.

Chapter 12                               9. Describe mountain building.

  1. Discuss volcanism.

Assignment # 4 (ch’s 13 -16)  DUE DATE: Monday; November 13th   

Chapter 13                               1. Describe physical/chemical weathering process.

  1. Explain karst topography.
  2. Describe mass movement processes.

Chapter 14                               4. Discuss drainage basins.

  1. Describe stream erosion and deposition.
  2. Discuss floods.

Chapter 15                               7. Discuss wind processes.

  1. Explain details of arid landscapes.

Chapter 16                               9. Discuss coral reefs in decline.

  1. Explain coastal system outputs.

GEOG 1301 – Engelke

Assignment # 5 (ch’s 17 -20)  DUE DATE: Monday; December 4th        

Chapter 17                               1. Explain glacial processes.

  1. Describe the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

Chapter 18                               3. Discuss soil characteristics.

  1. Explain soil development and profiles.

Chapter 19                               5. Explain wildlife and fire ecology.

  1. Describe communities and ecological niches.
  2. Discuss animal shift with climate change.

Chapter 20                               8. Discuss Earth’s terrestrial biomes.

  1. Describe vertical structure/soil of rainforest.
  2. Explain endemic and invasive species.