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HRM 310 Module One Assignment Guidelines and Rubric


Employees can have several reasons to want to unionize or to join an established union. As a human resource professional, you will sometimes be required to advise stakeholders on why employees might find unions desirable. You may also be required to suggest strategies for stakeholders in response within the confines of the law. As you begin this assignment, spend some time researching reasons that employees join a union, including reviewing the article Reasons Employees Give for Joining A Union found under the Supporting Materials section. Think about what you can do within your organization to the eliminate reasons that employees join a union.


To complete this assignment, address the reasons that employees seek union representation and explain how these choices might be mitigated.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

  1. Union Representation: Discuss three of the top reasons that employees seek union representation and explain each reason in detail, supported by evidence.
  2. Strategies: Describe two strategies that management can employ to avoid the three reasons chosen.
  3. Mitigating Choice: Explain why the identified strategies might mitigate the choice of seeking union representation.

What to Submit

Submit your assignment as a 1- to 2-page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Sources should be cited according to APA style.

Supporting Materials

The following resources support your work on this assignment:

Reading: Reasons Employees Give for Joining A Union

Recommended readings

  • Nechanska, E., Hughes, E., & Dundon, T. (2020). Towards an integration of employee voice and silence. Human Resource Management Review30(1), 100674.
  • Bryson, A., Freeman, R., Gomez, R., & Willman, P. (2019). The twin track model of employee voice: an Anglo-American perspective on union decline and the rise of alternative forms of voice (pp. 23-50). Springer Singapore.
  • Jirjahn, U., Laible, M. C., & Mohrenweiser, J. (2023). Management practices and productivity: Does employee representation play a moderating role?. Human Resource Management Journal.