Email Marketing Campaign Assignment


In this assignment, you will take on the role of a Digital Marketing team, working for your local Boston Pizza restaurant.

Boston Pizza is a Canadian-based family restaurant and sports bar that owns locations in Canada, USA, and Mexico. Boston Pizza specializes in pizza, pasta, burgers and sandwiches, salads, and desserts.

The owner of your local restaurant, David B., has mentioned that he would like your team to create and implement the following via email marketing:

  1. An introduction/welcome email to new subscribers.
  2. A promotional email for medium-sized cheese pizzas.
  3. A promotional email for a discount on all food items.
  4. An exit email for when customers are not actively engaging with any campaigns.

After many information sessions and strategic planning meetings with David B., you have learned the following information:

  • The average spend per customer is $20.
  • The most frequent visitors are younger couples and younger parents with children.
  • Younger audiences tend to take advantage of promotional materials.
  • General discounts on the final bill help incentivize “stubborn” (less likely to engage) customers to interact further with the restaurant.


  1. Part 1: Develop an email marketing campaign strategy based on the information provided. (15%)
    Apply knowledge of course concepts to the facts and details of the case scenario to develop an email marketing campaign that identifies key goals that align with the marketing goals of the company.
  2. Part 2: Using Mailchimp, draft the appropriate emails necessary to satisfy both your campaign and the requirements given by David B. (25%)
    Draft the appropriate emails (4 in total) to satisfy your campaign and David B, using exceptional creativity and making them highly relevant to the industry.
  3. Part 3: Import your classmates as subscribers to your email list. Segment them according to the requirements given by David B. (20%)
    Demonstrate an awareness of how to execute a successful email campaign and how to use Mailchimp. Segment the email list according to the requirements.
  4. Part 4: Describe how you would measure the success of your email marketing campaign. Describe what indicators you would look for and how you would measure them. (10%)
    Analytics should show an excellent understanding of the measurements required to determine the success of the email campaign.

Find 3 companies that have really good reviews, this could be locally or of a popular brands (Take a screen shot of those reviews or include the link in your post). Identify if these reviews match up to the brand’s image. Are there any negative comments and explain if the brands responses were handled appropriately.

Here is a breakdown of what I would like you to do in this discussion board:

  1. Search for 3 companies that have really good reviews. Read some of the reviews and identify if these reviews match up the brand’s image/voice.  Also, review some negative comments and identify if the brands responses to those comments were appropriately handled. 
  2. In your thread also explain what you would have responded differently from  either the negative or positive comments/reviews.  
  3. Be sure to add the link or image of the review you are analyzing.