Sample Nursing Assignment

Communication and Reflection 

Mode of submission: Online through FLO

Grade Weighting: 30%

Length: 1000

Watch the video located in assignment four drop box or use this link: Poor Communication

Role play example of exaggerated poor clinical communication, used for class project.

After viewing the video on communication nursing students are required to answer a series of questions that require them to critically analyze the communication being exhibited in the video. The critical analysis of the video should be supported with peer reviewed sources and the information provided should demonstrate an understanding of effective communication and its link to a therapeutic relationship between a nurse and patient.

The assignment will also require the student to reflect on a difficult conversation they may have been involved in and describe how their actions contributed to the outcome of the conversation (either positively or negatively). This must be one single event that the student was personally involved in. This means that the student was an active participant by speaking and/or writing. Example: A conversation where a complaint is being made either by you or to you. Or a text message or email that you sent and was miss understood. A brief description of how the student’s communication contributed to the resolution or escalation of the complaint.

The assignment will be structured in the following way.

Introduction (10% approximately 100 words)


This should outline the general structure and content of the assignment. The specific communication event for question six (6) must be stated in the introduction.

Analysis of the communication video (40% approximately 500 words)

Students are required to describe the following in relation to the above communication video:

  1. Describe what barriers to communication are displayed by the nurse.
  2. What essential elements of effective patient- clinician communication should the nurse have displayed?
  3. How might this example of ineffective communication impact on the patient recovery?
  4. How is effective communication related to the registered nurses scope of practice and ethical responsibilities?
  5. What actions and strategies may help to improve this patient -nurse communication?

Reflect on your own communication experiences (30%- approximately 400 words)

  1. Reflect on a difficult conversation that you have been involved in and describe how your communication contributed to the outcome.

Presentation 10 %

Download and read the Assignment formatting guidelines for written assignments in the Student Companion FLO site.

Referencing 10%

Guidelines regarding references

  • The word count for the assignment does not include the words in long quotes or the names and dates of the referenced material.
  • References are expected to be from your set text books, Berman, A et al

2018, Kozier & Erb’s fundamentals of nursing, volume 1, 2, & 3, 4th Australian edn, Pearson, Frenchs Forest, NSW, plus one extra reference (minimum) for every 250 words (The maximum grade you can obtain using only your basic texts is a high pass.)

  • The reference list must be in alphabetical order and neither numbered or dot pointed as per Harvard referencing style.
  • Extra references must be from nursing journals and/or suitable professional or academic websites.
  • Websites should only make up 10-15% of the Reference List.
  • All referenced sources must be less than 10 years old (preferably 5 years or less) unless they are seminal sources.
  • To obtain a mark higher than a high pass, you will need to look at further relevant text books, nursing journals and websites and cite them correctly.
  • Chapters from books and secondary sources must be cited correctly.
  • When paraphrasing give page numbers as well as the author and date.
  • When referring to an article, refer to the author of the article, not that of the journal; for example ‘Carville et al (2007, p. 19) states that …’
  • If quotations are longer than around 30 words, they should be set out in an indented block and set in a smaller typeface. They are usually introduced by a colon and do not use quotation marks. They can be italicized:

During young adulthood most people are single and have the opportunity to be on their own. Those who eventually marry or establish long-term de facto relationships experience several changes as they take on new responsibilities. Many couples choose to become parents. (Crisp & Taylor 2009, p. 206)

  • Do not just write a quotation as a paragraph. You need to introduce quotations, saying how they relate to the point you are making; for example, ‘There are five stages of pressure ulcer development. Black et al (2007, p. 272) state that these are ’…

For more information on referencing please contact the Student Learning Centre, the Library, or look up information in Student companion on the flo site. Ask your tutor if still unable to understand how to reference correctly and you have exhausted all of the resources mentioned.

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