Sample Assignment

Chapter 12

The Advertising Experience

  1. The importance of Type

The selection of a particular typeface makes a strong contribution to the overall effect of an advertisement. Create ads with appropriate typefaces for three of the following media products. (typefaces are not restricted to those discussed in Ad Lab 14-A)

  • The Gettysburg Address
  • The King James Bible
  • Stephen King’s (or Stanley Kubrick’s, your choice) The shining
  • A DVD collection of Lost episodes
  • A boxed set of “Barney’s Greatest Hits” CDs
  • An astronomy textbook
  • A collection of Lord of the Rings fan fiction
  1. Broadcast Production

Producing broadcast commercials is even more complex than creating a print ad. Peruse the Websites below of some broadcast production related organizations. Then answer the questions that follow.

  1. What type of production-related company or organization is it? What are the scope and size of its operations?
  2. What kind of broadcast production activities does the company specialize in? Are these typically preproduction, production, or postproduction activities?
  3. What benefit does the company or organization provide the advertising community?
  4. What impresses you most about this organization and its work? Least? Why?
  5. For decades, Apple has relied on a consistent font family- Garamond- for its print advertising. Find a sample of this font and explain which of its qualities help communicate Apple’s message. Can you find another font you might use instead?
  6. Given that Apple no longer produces colorful computers-only models in white, black, or aluminum-why should it bother to use color in its print ads? Make the case for or against color ink in Apple’s print advertising.

Chapter 18

The Advertising Experience

  1. Push and Pull Techniques

Advertisers commonly use both push and pull techniques. Explore the situation of a company of your choice, identifying its pull techniques and also tracking down its push techniques. (Push techniques might be more difficult to find.) Trade publications are a good place to look. Create a report detailing the overall strategy of the company and discuss why you think one area might be emphasized over another.

  1. Direct Marketing and Direct Response

Direct Marketing is not only vast, its ever changing in all its facets-direct sales, direct mail, direct response. Likewise, direct marketing agencies tend to differ from traditional advertising agencies in strategy, organization, and clientele. Take a look at some of the Websites below and answer the questions that follow for each site.

Direct Market Organizations

  1. What group sponsors the site? Who is the intended audience(s)?
  2. What are the size, scope, and purpose of the organization?
  3. What benefits does the organization provide to individual members or subscribers? To the overall advertising and direct marketing communities?
  4. How important do you believe this organization is to the direct marketing industry? Why?

  Direct Marketing Firms

  1. Who is the intended audience of the site?
  2. How does the agency position itself (i.e., creative-driven, strategy- (account) driven, media-driven, etc.)?
  3. What is your overall impression of the agency and its work? Why?
  1. Direct Mail

Despite its junk-mail image, direct mail requires a great deal of creativity. Jones Educational Services, which provides GMAT, GRE, and MCAT preparation, has agreed that a direct-mail campaign may be the best way to increase its market share. Create a campaign for your college or university designed to attract top high school recruits. Browse the direct-mail–related Websites below for ideas.

  • Direct Mail Express:
  • Direct Marketing Association:
  • I.S.T. Incorporated:
  • Association (MFSA):
  • PostMaster Direct Response:
  • United States Postal Service:
  1. How does GEICO use advertising to both get an immediate response from prospects and build brand equity? Who else do you think does this well?